In the Works: Cardigan, Dress, Pullover

Unlike some who sew, I love the word "craft". To me, it represents carefully chosen materials and the devotion of time and energy to a highly detailed process. It's what makes a special object what it is.

And so, I've been at it again, crafting fashion. I've got three projects in the works.

Project 3
When I think of a cardigan sweater, I usually think wool and I think warm. But when I say cardigan this time I just mean a top of knit fabric that opens all the way in the front. This cardigan will be made of a simple gauzy material that I knitted a couple of days ago. I was originally inspired by the memory of a cover-up I owned decades ago. I wore it on cool summer evenings and as a cover-up on the beach. The fabric looked a lot like this.

Though I was going to try to re-create the cover-up, I may very well come up with something very different.

Project 2
I've finally decided on my next project from Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics (See Recommended Books in Books, Notions & Tools.)  Just as I turned a tube top into a hat/cowl last time, I'll be making a few changes. This time I'm going large instead of shrinking the project. I'm turning "Sharp and Snappy B" from a top into a dress. I imagine it will look something like this.

I'm in the middle of developing the perfect knit fabric right now.

Project 1
The very next project I sew will be a top of this sweater knit fabric, which I recently made available in the shop.

It's a tuck lace fabric. Not a true lace, this has a tiny bit of openwork. It's mostly a silky bamboo with a little merino wool thrown in for color depth plus added texture and stability. The fabric is very stretchy and drapey. I don't want to use an interfacing, because the interfacing might show through. Instead I'll use jersey bands at the neck and hem of a complimentary fabric that's this fabric's opposite -- wool with a little bamboo. My plans are to start sewing this one during #vcraftnite (formerly #vcn) tomorrow.

Now that I've published my upcoming projects, I guess I'm going to have to follow through. I better get started.


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