A Cabled Poncho

I didn’t design this lovely fabric of alternating single and double cables. It’s an overrun from the local knitting mill and I’ve happily reclaimed the fabric in order to sew a poncho. This was the perfect opportunity for me to choose a pattern from my (Less) Cutting and (Less) Sewing Pinterest Board. But I didn't. I kept with the theme, however, and decided to make a 2 rectangle poncho instead -- not much cutting or sewing there! And with the reclaimed panel of fabric I used, I have enough fabric left to make another poncho as a gift or something else entirely!

There are numerous tutorials for two rectangle ponchos on the web, so I won't do one here. My poncho method was quite similar to this tutorial for a poncho of woven fabric, except that I already had a finished bottom edge and selvages, so I did less hemming. I cut each rectangle 21 inches wide by 30 inches long. My only modification to the classic pattern was to add a a neck band, like this one, which "snugged up" the big neck hole. I've decided to wear mine with the bottom points on the sides instead of in the front and back.
Pre-steamed poncho neck band

I'm sure you've already guessed that I purchased more than one panel of fabric. All the details are in the listing in the shop. (Sold out)

And I'm pretty sure there's enough fabric here for a good size sweater. I'll figure out a cutting layout and post it next time.


Last edit 14Dec2015


  1. Sigh! This is so stunning. I am obsessed with cables at the moment.

    1. Thank you! I admit to being a bit obsessed too. This is the second cable garment I've sewn in the last few months, and I have one more in mind. Oops. :)


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