How to Cut and Sew a Sweater - the Online Workshop

Photo credit: Kevin Frest

It was more than a year ago that I decided I wanted to create an online workshop on how to cut and sew sweater knits. Several people had asked me over the years whether or not I had any classes online or any DVD's. Other people (who happened to be Etsy teachers) had suggested I contact Etsy. But I decided that for my first venture into teaching on camera I wanted to produce the workshop independently. As with designing, knitting, and sewing, I think I became very interested in the process.

Just as I don't make all my own clothes, I don't think I'll always go the indie route, but there'll be more videos in the future. And this was indeed a very interesting process. I already had a bunch of experience in front of the camera (from my old showbiz days) and a little experience behind the camera (if we count my old days in animation). And so with a minuscule production team and a small pilot group of sewists, we created How to Cut and Sew a Sweater.

The online workshop officially launched on April 28, 2018! (Click for current registration info.) I'm so pleased and exhausted (in a good way). Our private FB group has just begun. Those who follow me on FB know my FB game is not strong, but I'm excited and willing to rise to the challenge to provide comments and encouragement. :-)

My goal with this course is to cover those pesky little and big things that can seem unpredictable and unmanageable when working with sweater knits: How do I keep my neckband from being floppy? How can I prevent my seams from rippling? Why does this hem flare out? How do I get my sweater to fit?

I worked to answer all those questions and more and to present the preparation, fitting, and construction of a pullover sweater in a systematic way. Registration is open now through May 5, 11:59 PM ET.

Please join the workshop email list to get up-to-date registration information.


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