Mitered Corners for Sweater Knits

Mitered corners are not just for table napkins and quilts. They're also an excellent finish for side seam slits on cut and sew sweaters. If your sewing pattern has them built in, cool. If not, this is how you make them on mid- to bulky weight sweater knits.

How to Sew Mitered Corners for Sweater Knits

It’s important to start with finished edges when making mitered corners on a sweater knit. Here I used an overlocked edge but a stretchy Hong Kong finish could also be used.

Step 1. Make marks on the fabric.

Because I’m making a 1.5 inch hem on each side, I’m measuring twice that amount, or 3 inches, away from the corner. I mark a small dot on the finished edge.

Step 2. Draw a line between the marks.

Step 3. (Optional) Mark the fold line. The fold line is perpendicular to the first line and extends to the corner.

Step 4. Fold (on fold line, if you drew one) so that the marks from Step 1 meet. Place a pin to hold edges together. You’ll be sewing on the line you drew in Step 2.

Step 5. Sew from the outside edge to the fold. Use my technique in the video for keeping the fabric in place without using more pins.

Step 6. Serge along the sewing line or sew again with a wider zigzag and trim close to the stitches.

Step 7. Turn to the right side, while gently pushing at the corner with a finger

Now you have a mitered corner! Steam the hems. You should allow steam to penetrate the fabric, but remember not to press the iron to a sweater knit. Allow it to dry, then sew the hem by hand with a catch stitch or slip stitch. Or sew by machine if you prefer.

Side seam slits are stylish and make a sweater comfortable to wear. Mitered corners are the perfect finish for them when your sweater is of the cut-and-sew variety. Consider mitered corners for a split neckline, too.


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