Sweater Knits Weekend Sewing Intensive

I'm very happy to invite you to the Sweater Knits Weekend Sewing Intensive that I'll be teaching at Workroom Social in Brooklyn NY on November 11th and 12th. The 16-hour workshop will meet from 10 AM to 6 PM each day. Lunch and snacks are included. Two full days for us to cover the details, the intricacies, and the amazing fun of turning sweater knit fabric into a beautiful cardigan. And I couldn't be more excited!

If you're thoroughly in the heat and humidity of summer, as we are here in New York City, "cardigan" may not sound so enticing at the moment. Know, however, that we'll be delving deeply into the topic of sweater knits. You'll come away with the confidence to work with this fabric in its many forms -- bulky, stretchy, slinky, openwork.... Think lacy cardi coverup for the beach!  I also wanted to let everyone know way ahead of time, especially anyone who'd like to plan a "2-day sewing vacation" as Jennifer Wiese, lovely owner of Workroom Social, calls it.

In our sewing intensive, you'll learn how your sweater knit fabric’s unique properties of stretch and recovery influence both fit and design, and you'll learn how to get the fit you want. From essential techniques for laying out a sewing pattern on sweater fabric to methods for finishing the inside of your cardigan so it's nice and neat, we'll cover the finer details of making a well sewn sweater.  Also included in this workshop are recommended stabilization methods for cardigans and how to get color or texture patterns to match at the seams. And I'll show a couple of buttonholes that work well with sweater knits, just in case you want to add buttons once you're comfortable with your fabric. 

The Sweater Knits Weekend Sewing Intensive is part of Workroom Social's Learn To Sew series of classes and is designed for the beginner to advanced beginner sewer. Read more about Sweater Knits Weekend Sewing Intensive on the Workroom Social site. I hope you'll join me. Registration is now open.