The Fisherman is Finished

As promised, here are pics of the finished sweater. I've got to admit it: Working with panels of sweater fabric was certainly one quick and easy way to make a sweater! And if I hadn't cut off the bottom ribbing, it would have been even quicker. 

I'm generally not one to sew quickly. I've often caught my self doing things "the long way", because I really do enjoy the process, I guess. I've pretty much already blogged this process; here are links to the previous posts all in one place:
There are a couple more items about the sweater I wanted to share. Because the fabric is bulky and I wanted my seam allowances to lie flat, I topstitched the seam allowances to one side with a 3-step zigzag (3.5mm x 2mm). The stitches simply disappear in the fabric and are nearly impossible to see, unless you look for them.

Also, the sweater really isn't longer in the back, as it appears in the top picture. I must have bunched it up in the front with my hands or pulled it down in the back. I'm showing this pic because I wanted to show my side seam. As I mentioned in a previous post, I chose a shaped (slightly contoured) sewing pattern, even though the vertical stitch pattern begs for a sewing pattern with straight sides. The shaping is subtle and I ended up being happy with the result.

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