Best of Industry Methods

When we work with knit fabrics, we are often borrowing some of the best of the industry methods and translating them into techniques that are practical and enjoyable for us to use in our own sewing rooms/studios/corners with our own machines.
The clothing industry, however, has based many of their methods on what individual artisans developed many years ago.  Recently posted on Style Bubble is The Paris-Édimbourg Knitwear Trail, a piece on the better side of industry practices, the production of Chanel knitwear at Barrie Knitwear in Scotland. Though the article has a couple of small errors in explanations of some knitwear terms, all in all it's a wonderful story on how Chanel knitwear is created -- knitting, linking, cutting, sewing, more fully fashioned than cut & sew (half-fashioned, actually), plus hand blocking, hand finishing and lots of attention to detail.

Check the video below, then head on over to the Style Bubble post to read the story and see lots of great pics, too.


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