When Bad Things Happen to Good Machines

Egads!! Did you hear that loud "Clunk" sound at about noon? That was my serger. :(

I was almost finished with the Tangerine Top when it happened. Hard to believe that it was only yesterday when I was engaging in lively Twitter banter with my clever tweeps regarding said serger.

My Tangerine Top was coming along nicely. I'd finished the asymmetrical neckline.

In the middle of sewing a sideseam, (which I had originally planned to sew with my sewing machine,) that sound happened. Alas, my serger has seized up. I'm unable to advance the machine with the handwheel. I had to remove the needles to get the Tangerine Top off the machine.

And my dealer is taking the long holiday weekend.

Update: Please read my post on Needles and Knits to read what may have caused this problem.

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