Making Progress on the Crazy Crushed Can Cowl

This past Thursday I worked on the Crazy Crushed Can Cowl. Here's where I am right now.

Yes, I know, it looks strange. And I'm hoping it'll still look unusual once finished and arranged in its "crushed" styling. For those seeing this for the first time, my cowl is based on Tomoko Nakamichi's "Crushed Can" top from her book Pattern Magic: Stretch Fabrics.
You can picture this as a cowl. Right?
This is my very first project from the book and I wanted to start small, so I decided to turn the top into a cowl. I drafted a pattern and cut the pieces from fabric I'd prepared earlier.

Though I really love the fabric and the colors I chose, I'm now wishing I'd chosen one of my fabrics with more contrasting colors  for this project. These colors and points are looking rather subtle to me at the moment. (Subtlety is relative.)
A lens and glass paperweight were used to hold down the paper pattern pieces. I cut the sweater knit fabric using my handy power scissors.
I serged the pieced together and that's how I got to where I am now. Once I actually got started, the sewing was very quick. At this very moment I'm trying to decide whether I should just hem the top and bottom edges as planned or maybe add bands? Or perhaps a lining?

I'll let you know.



  1. I can totally picture this as a cowl! Just found you today (no idea via who/ what perhaps following a comment you left on someone else's blog?) and I'm really liking your knitting. I sew (I don't knit, lack of patience + repetitive strain wrist injury) but I do have hopes of getting a knitting machine someday. Got your RSS feed now so I'll be seeing you around.

  2. Replies
    1. :) One of the things I like is that the project is forcing me to brush up on a few techniques.

  3. hi umm I was wondering on how YOU make the half fisherman's rib stitch

    1. because i was looking everywhere for that stitch and i started knitting like 3 months ago and i would like to know how to make the stitch. Thank you!

    2. Hi Joanna, instructions for knitting a half fisherman's rib and other machine knitting tips can be found on my other blog, Knitting in the Fastlane. Here's the link to the instructions for half fisherman's rib. Please feel free to ask any questions about it over there. If you were looking for HAND knitting instructions, sorry, my hand knitting isn't advanced enough for me to give instructions!

    3. I actually was looking for hand knitting instructions but Thanks anyway!! But I still love your work! :)


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