The Reveal: The Crazy Crushed...

Notice something odd with this cowl?

That's right! I bet you notice everything. I am wearing it on my head.

I started noticing that things weren't exactly as I'd imagined them right about after I finished sewing the major pieces together. Honestly, there was really nothing wrong. But as I was trying on the unfinished cowl in the mirror, I paused with it on my head. Hmmm... there were definitely possibilities there.

From that point on, I couldn't keep the hat idea out (or off) of my head. I already mentioned in an earlier post that I'd concluded that the color combination was a bit too subtle for my taste. Wearing this creation on my head brought the whimsy back!

And yes, it can still be worn as a cowl.

But here's the thing: In order for this piece to reflect the spirit of the Nakamichi's original "Crushed Can" (See pic.), it would've had to fit tightly, like a turtleneck and not a cowl. Let's face it, a turtleneck is much too difficult to remove in public. But pulled around my much thicker head (compared to my neck, that is ;) ), the crushed canny-ness comes through.

What I liked most about this project is that I got to learn or brush up on several skills:
  • Placing paper patterns and weights on sweater knit fabrics
  • Power cutting and seam allowances 
  • The use of binder clips to hold sweater knit fabrics together
  • Serging sweater knit fabrics
  • Sewing sweater knit fabrics on a regular sewing machine
  • Serging inside corners and outside corners
  • Steaming odd shapes
  • Overstitching
I plan to discuss each of these topics in future posts. 

Now to figure out what this article of clothing is called. Is it still a cowl? Is the term "ear warmer" appropriate? Perhaps this is a head gaiter? Or a topless hat or cap. What do you call it?

Whatever it is, if you've got a sense of humor and you like this... accessory... and want to make one of your own, listen up. I'll be including the pattern (I'm sure it'll have a name by then.) with detailed instructions for the very low price of free in my first issue of the Cut & Sew Chronicles newsletter. Just sign up with the form in the right sidebar. The Cut & Sew Chronicles will be delivered to your inbox once a month starting in December.



  1. Just call it a tube, coz, that's what it is! ;-)

    1. Now that's an idea! Wonder why that hadn't occurred to me?

  2. OHHHH THIS IS BAD! Love it! Love the color too!!!

  3. I feel so silly. I knit a lot of cowls, and never thought to wear one of them as a hat. I wear my hair in locs too. They're halfway down my back now.


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