Ready to Ship

Update! This post was originally posted in April 2015. It's been a few years! Please see the awesome natural and dyed fabrics we have in the shop today!

There's so much more to tell about this journey to produce a line of natural, grown in color, cotton sweater knit fabrics, but it will have to wait. So for now, 3 little words, which seem awesome to me: ready to ship.

More fabrics are in the shop. Descriptions are being updated over the week with further information, so if you've got any questions, please ask. And if you're not already on the email list, I invite you to join. Current subscribers received a coupon code last week.


Color-Grown Cotton Launch and a Celebration!

Color-grown cotton, sweater knit fabrics by O! Jolly!

The new fabrics are almost here! They'll be arriving in the online shop on April 27th, and you're invited to a special preview on April 25th. If you happen to be in the New York City or northern New Jersey area that day, I'd like to invite you to a little celebration! I'll be introducing the new O! Jolly! color-grown cotton, sweater knit fabrics at a special event at the Of Hand, Spirit & Earth Studio. Free swatches will be available to all attendees.


Of Hand, Spirit & Earth Studio

SATURDAY, APRIL 25th, 2015
3:00 - 6:00 PM

Say "Of Hand 15" for 15% off!

Of Hand, Spirit & Earth Studio [google map]
115 Mercer Street Suite 1
Jersey City NJ 07302

Are you already booked that day? Or just too far away to attend? No worries! The fabrics will be available in the online shop beginning Monday, April 27th. If you'd like to receive a limited time, discount coupon code for online purchases of the new fabric (and swatches), please be sure you're on the email list!

But if you are in the area, I'd really love to see you!! Of Hand...Studio is located on a pretty, tree-lined street in downtown Jersey City, easily accessible by PATH train (Grove Street stop) from New York City and from northern NJ.

The awesome jewelry designer and my dear friend, Jacquie Bird of SilkWire Jewelry, will also be showing. She'll be presenting her latest designs featuring amazing gemstones -- "Earth's natural resource to clear, calm, heal, and balance".

Pyrite Ring of Wire by SilkWire Jewelry
I hope you can join us for a glass of wine, good vibes, and relaxed shopping. 


The "Right" Side of Knit Fabric - Part 3

In my last posts, The "Right" Side of Knit Fabric - Part 1 and Part 2, I agreed with those who said that the "right" side of a knit fabric is whichever side you decide works the best for your particular project. Here we are on Part 3, the final in the series, and for the record, with the fabrics pictured above, I'm choosing the ones on the left for the public side of my next projects. The fabrics are two from my brand new line of knits, which will be in the shop later this month. Note that both on the left happen to be, in textile designer terms, the "technical backs" of the fabrics. (See last post.) And if you think I've shown these just to give you another peek at my new fabrics that I'm so excited about, you could be right. ;-)

Ok, so let's get back to fabrics 5 and 6 from the original post in this series.
Fabric 5, a jersey, has multi-colored floats on the technical back. I'd most likely use this side with the floats as my "right" side, though I do think that the knit side would also be fun with its slight ripply surface. I thought it would also be fun to slow you what can happen when floats go wild.
Flow, O! Jolly! 1984, wool, silk, rayon
Flow was a one-of-a-kind sweater, which sold within hours of being shown (back in the mid 1980s when I showed at craft markets). The fabric was intentionally designed with super long floats, and it was probably a dangerous garment to wear. I hope the sweater is still around somewhere. The inside of this sweater looked similar to technical face of fabric #5.

Last there's fabric 6, a double knit jacquard. That person who really liked the pattern on the inside of the cardigan (the far right in fabric #6) actually chose the side that's usually used commercially as the right side. Textile designers will often call this side of the design as the "face".  It's the side of double knit jacquard with the clear pattern. Any pattern on the other side is often muted or striped in some way or just a solid color and is often referred to as the "backing". It was the backing that I chose to use as the "right" side for the Shawl Collar Cardi.

Perhaps this 3-part series ended up being more than any non-designer cares to know about knit textiles, but I do hope I've encouraged anyone reading this to have fun with the knits that you do come across in your sewing adventures. And if you like the "wrong" side more, flip it over, and make it your "right" side!